It’s a BOY!!!!!

I’m really trying to get better at posting more than once a month, but it’s so tough lately. So we had the 20 week sonogram today and found out that out baby bean is officially a BOY!!! I was convinced it was a girl, but to my surprise (and my husbands shock) turns out I was wrong, because we saw it all! You can check it out on my flickr page (I’ve updated with scans of the sonograms). But most importantly everything is where it should be, and in perfect working order. We were able to see the heart, kidneys, brain, aorta, stomach, the umbilical cord, everything! The heartbeat is going strong at 150 beats per minute. The technician measured the tibia bone on the baby and she seemed to think the baby is a little further along than originally thought (which is what I thought too, but I listened to what the doctors originally said). So the baby may become by birthday present this year! Otherwise everything is fine. I feel very good, my energy has come back though I still feel like I need a nap at like 7pm! I started knitting a baby blanket about 2 weeks ago (not knowing, I picked a nice neutral coco brown color), which I am hoping to finish by next week. Then it’s onto baby hats (I can’t wait to make the umbilical cord hat from the first Stitch n Bitch book!) and a sweater pattern from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies. But at least I have the rest of the summer to do all that. So now it’s onto picking out a color scheme for the baby’s room (I’m partial to sage green) and getting some of the essential stuff (car seats, bassinet, furniture, etc.) But more on that later!!

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