the never ending pregnancy…17 days to go

I know that every pregnant woman probably says this, but I the last days of pregnancy seem to go so slow! I’m really looking forward to actually having the baby now, like as in right now…tomorrow, hell even the next day, but sometime soon would be great (can you hear me kiddo?) Here he is at the last sono back in early October:

Yes, that’s a full head of hair, and with those cheeks there’s no doubt who’s baby it is!

Our baby shower was back in Ocotber, definately the bigest party we’ve had at our house so far! It was really great because we had family from both sides, friends from work, and dear friends, all of whom had never met before, so it was interesting to see the different parts of our life converge on this one day. A great time was had by all…here are some highlights:

We received many beautiful and thoughtful gifts. Many thanks to all that were there to share the great day!

This time of the year is always a little sad for me, yesterday would have been my mother’s 69th birthday. Of course, now more than ever, I wish she were still alive to see all of this. I have picked out a special picture to put in the baby’s room, it’s of my grandmother, my mother and me as a baby. So that he will always have her there to watch over him. Happy birthday mom, we miss you.

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