I’ve abandoned my blog!!!!!!

Okay so I’ve been a little busy with the baby and everything.  So I’ll recap in 100 words or less:
Had the baby via c-section 11/28/07…it was scheduled due to his size (10lbs, 2oz) but I went into actual labor the night before.  Baby Jason is now almost 7 months old and is the coolest baby on the planet…he’s now 25lbs, 28 inches, 6 teeth, talking up a storm and just starting to sleep through the night.  My husband and I have gotten used to the impact of babyhood: less sleep, smelly baby poop, projectile vomiting, emergency room visits (only 1 for a fever), footy pajamas, teething, and the absolute awesomeness of baby laughs, baby sneezes and hearing him say Mamamamamam and Dadadadadadada.
So now that it’ summer I will have a little bit more time to breathe and I will be posting more.  Here are some pictures of Little Big Man J and you can see more on the flickr account.

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