Only 66 days to go…holy cow!

Wow, I can’t believe that it’s October 1st already! What happened to September?? Now that school started I feel like I’ve been on a speeding train! I am happy to say that things are going very well with the baby…he’s moving around an incredible amount (usually when I’m trying to sleep!) It is truly the most bizarre thing to see your stomach move like that. I’ve been trying to play tag with him. A kick on the bottom right usually means I’ll see a hand on the upper left just under my rib cage, so I try to wait for him and tag his hand when it passes by! The baby movement totally freaks out my husband though! Every time I get him to put his hand on my stomach and the baby moves under it, he flips out! I think he believes it’s going to be like that scene from “Aliens” where the creature pops out of the guy’s stomach. I’m just amazed by the whole thing.

So a whole lot of events have gone by since I last blogged. We’ve attended 2 weddings, one for my husband’s colleagues from school, and one of his good friends, Adam (on the right).

Now the blue dress is totally attack of the Mommy boobs, because was still trying to fit into an old dress. That was at the end of August. I gave up the fight and actually bought a maternity dress (my first piece of maternity wear!) which I wore to the Adam and Christina’s wedding (on the right) . I still have one more event to go to, later in October, so I knew there was no way in hell that I would fit into anything other than a maternity dress. It’s actually quite a pretty dress an feels like a nightgown. As you can tell from the pics, Eric was one of the ushers in Adam’s wedding party. t was a beautiful day with the exception of the slight detour we had to take to the hospital (!) just after the ceremony. I won’t go into the all the details here, but needless to say everything is absolutely fine with the baby, and the doctors and nurses in the Maternity urgent care were wonderful! One of the nurses was so nice she even agreed to take a photo of us as we made our way back to the wedding! Other than that, the wedding was wonderful, and we were so happy that we were able to share in their special day.

Since it is September, school has begun once again for Eric and I. Although you can’t tell it by the weather! It’s been so warm and pleasant here, definitely an extension of the summer. We’ll be closing the pool soon since we really have not had the time to go in since the week after school started. Although we seem to always get that last blast of Indian summer here in the northeast sometime in October. I love this weather, 75 and sunny does me very well. The new school year is treating me fine, I really like my students and the new classes I’m teaching (Fashion Design and Jewelry Design). The fashion classes are working on International Mood Boards right now and the Jewelry class just finished Peyote stitch bracelets. These photos are showing off the finished bracelets!

Besides school, we’ve finished painting the baby’s room…being all artsy fartsy I had to pick 2 different colors to paint the room, so 2 walls are like a pistachio green and the other 2 walls are a light ocean blue. When the furniture gets delivered I will post some photos. Baby shower is this weekend so I’m hoping to have the furniture delivered before then. Sonogram tomorrow, so I’ll definitely post and update the Flickr account with new images of the baby! I’m still trying to get better at posting here more frequently.

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