classes · Ink Pad NYC · making art · mixed media · Seth Apter · stencils

Jokers Wild

I may have a little bit of a Seth addiction! I love his classes! This one is supposed to be a follow up to his original class “52 Card Pick Up” which I never took. But hey, it didn’t matter! Jokers Wild is such a fun class and trust me, if you ever have the chance to take a class with Seth, either in person or online, you will not be disappointed!!This class is a variation using flash cards instead of playing cards and a few different markmaking techniques. Layers upon layers of painty, grungey goodness! I wound up making 28 cards divided into different suits: I created the suits using Seth’s mini stencils from Stencil Girl. At the end we made a holder for the deck. All around another great class from Seth!

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